Let’s Talk Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors can add value to your home and give it a beautiful appearance. Wood floors properly care last longer you can have them for more than 100 years and Hardwood Floor can be refinish and renew, they are more practical than many other types of flooring. In addition, you can install them yourself.
  • A little bit of History - When we imagine historical interiors, the first thing that comes to mind is a beautiful hardwood floors decorated with oriental carpets. This perception of the past is only accurate to some extent, since wood floors (and large-sized oriental carpets) were not common until the late 19th century. Before that time, hardwood was in fact the predominant material in floors, but its appearance was much more humble, rudimentary and rustic. The first hardwood floors in the colonial United States were wide and thick boards, in fact cut boards of the continent's abundant forests. Due to the age of the trees and the enormous diameter they had at the time, the trunk had the grains too closed, so the wood at that time was harder than the relatively immature wood of the same species that are harvested today. The process to transform the wood from trees into wood that can be used to make floors was an arduous process, the introduction of the circular saw and the way we install a hardwood floors today, was decades away from being created, and the method to create hardwood floors was to hand saw the logs into planks. .

Hardwood Floors Refinishing


Refinishing Hardwood Floors, step by step

It is always recommended that the Hardwood Floor Refinishing work is done by a professional, however, in case you want to learn how to refinish wood floors, then we will show you the necessary steps to do it.


In addition to clearing all the space of the room of any furniture and objects, it is necessary that you remove with a lever all the moldings, as a recommendation, number each of the pieces to know where to put it back after done.

You should also place painter’s tape or plastic sheets on vents, outlets and objects that cannot be removed. Finally you must inspect the entire floor for nails, chips, or imperfections, in case there are breaks or leaks, it is recommended that you cover them with wood filler.

Sanding Process

To sand the floor, you will need some of the wood floor sanders  machines, in case you don’t have them you can rent them at your local Home Depot. It is essential that you sand the room by sections of 1 third, to maintain quality, you should always do it following the wood grain.

It is important that you sand the floor 3 times with different sand papers, always start using the thickest to the finest sandpaper, that is, you must sand the entire room with the thickest sandpaper, then re-sand the entire surface with medium sandpaper and finally repeat the process with the finest sandpaper. Sockets and finishes should be sanded by hand with fine sandpaper.


If you want to learn how to sand a hardwood floor by hand, you need to pay attention to this step, you must remove all the dust from the room with a vacuum cleaner, you will need professional vacuum, you can found it at amazon.com  many of the wood floor polishing machines have the vacuum built-in. You must start at the highest areas from the ground. When you finish the process of vacuuming the dust, you must carefully make sure that the floor is completely clean, those imperfections marks that have remained, you must remove them with a palm sander and vacuum thoroughly again

When you finish vacuuming the dust, you must remove the paint tape and plastic sheets that you have placed and pass a damp cloth on the walls and openings  to remove all the dust.

This done, the floor will be ready for the application of sealer, followed by three coats of polyurethane you should always buff with fine sand paper between coats, there are many brands in the market, we recommend Bona and Loba, if you want to complete the Hardwood floor Refinishing with quality.

Why do we need to get Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services?

As you know, with the passage of time with daily use and traffic, wood floors can end up deteriorating, looking weared old and dull, in a few words very ugly. Scratches and bumps caused by the daily use, liquids that fall in the ground causing stains, discoloration caused by the sun, etc. all of that affect hardwood floors in many ways, and the lack of  proper maintenance products. The floor is the most important part of a house or office and must be in perfect condition. Getting your Hardwood Floor Refinishing is a complicated job that should only be done by professionals, with the right tools, knowledge and machines.We made a quick research and found a company called Wix Flooring   in New Jersey USA if you happen to be in other areas of the country do a quick search check reviews and past jobs of the company you will be hiring.


 Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Hardwood Floors Refinishing

What About the Walls?

When decorating the home, many factors must be taken into account. Without a doubt, one of them is the colors that we are going to choose for the walls. If you are looking for colors that really bring modernity and style, in addition to light and novelty to your home, nothing like being seduced by the latest color trends in interior decoration for this year, since some of the options that we are going to present are really inspiring.

When choosing the colors for the interior of your house, another question you have to ask yourself is: warm colors or cold colors ? Warm colors are more cheerful, but also brighter, strident and can cause more altered states and nervousness. The cold colors are more muted, sadder if you want to say so, but they are also softer and give a feeling of tranquility, cleanliness and transparency.

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